Commercial Framing

The Elevate range of commercial framing systems are available in a variety of widths and configurations. Compatible with other Elevate windows and doors, our commercial framing options allow for versatility in the design process and offer stunning performance for both residential and commercial projects.
Our commercial framing can be double glazed to improve year round thermal performance and energy efficiency. For those seeking maximum performance, the ThermalHEART range of thermally broken commercial frames is available.

Our Products

400 CentreGLAZE Single Glazed 102mm Framing

424 CentreGLAZE Double Glazed 102mm Framing

620 CentreGLAZE Single Glazed 102mm Framing

624 CentreGLAZE Double Glazed 150mm Framing

406 FrontGLAZE Single Glazed 102mm Framing

426 FrontGLAZE Double Glazed 102mm Framing

606 FrontGLAZE Single Glazed 150mm Framing

626 FrontGLAZE Double Glazed 150mm Framing

936 FrontGLAZE Double Glazed 225mm Framing

407 FaceLINE 102mm Framing

607 FaceLINE 150mm Framing

804 ThermalHEART 100mm CentreGLAZE Framing

806 ThermalHEART 150mm CentreGLAZE Framing

824 ThermalHEART 100mm FrontGLAZE Framing

826 ThermalHEART 150mm FrontGLAZE Framing

646 SoundOUT FrontGLAZE Framing

80 Narrow Offset 80mm Framing

105 Office Partitioning

600 Wide Offset 150mm Framing